Wednesday, 14 September 2011

World Oneness Day

Be One with The World in body, spirit, mind and much, much more from today on and help us achieve our goal of everlasting ONEness.

Help us put an end to starvation, hunger, famin, poverty, pain and war.

Friday the 11th of November 2011 is the day Ecliptia will unite the World as ONE.
Become part of The Dawn of a New Age and join us in the greatest event ever in Human history!

A day of Oneness that will eclipse the past as the dark ages.
A day we will change the World for a better place forever more.
Ecliptia's philosophy is that we all have so much to share with the world and there is so much need in the World, all we have to do is share just a little of what we have that could be so precious to others with so little.
Join us now and share this invitation with your friends.
Let's begin today taking one step at a time on our journey together as ONE

World belongs to us

Global Unity

Helmut Khan Singh and Parvati Khan

Attained fame, name &ALL dat comes/ goes wit it, both good &bad, but on observing deeply humane sufferings,& painful things happening everywhere, tugged at my soul.
So wat aftr attaining fame, money& d power of huge fan following? Wen money& power comes2a reg being d chances r, dat some degree of distortion,neg, perversion sets in. Its destructive2b famous purely 4 “self gratification, d EGO surreptitiously magnifies & grows n2 a monster 1 fine day! 1 finds dat 1’s caught n a vicious circle. Interests r soon outlived& new experiences 2 maintain d ego’s experience of a “high” MUST b found 2maintain d material idea of ‘SUCCESS.In d process inevitably, Mr/Mrs EVIL knocks on our door, a bond is developed& they then serve each other’s purpose, until Mr. EVIL is strong enough 2 call d shots.We r then SLAVES 2 d ego. ALL d crime and corruption, terrorism etc we hear of every day n d news, reflects how WE ALL R as a collective energy, but we simply behave like d ostrich &2 supprt our ignorance, d ego convinces us that we r exceptions 2 d rule. D truth is MANY r able 2 manage their 'affairs’ quietly'. Due 2 a deep need 4 social status, money, controlling others, all 2 please d false ego, we find ourselves gravitating 2wards d trap 2achieve these desires at ANY price, (a set up 4 ‘those’ who will sell their soul 2 attain whatever they set out 2 achieve)THIS IS IGNORANCE AT WORK. As long as our soul is NOT cultured with morality, non violence, justice4 all, equality, humanity, compassion &so on)EVIL IS ‘SYNONYMOUS’ WIT IGNORANCE.
It’s about living wit a conscience & living n darkness and ignorance.
Fortunately 4r me I didn’t go after d success I attained, it was due, it happened, n d deserving &correct measure, though NOT WITHOUT CAUSING ME 3 MAKE MY SHARE OF ERRORS2. I quickly saw through d FACADE. There was NO truth, NO ETHICS, NO morality, NO honesty, or any lasting satisfaction out there & my SOUL TREMBLED. MONEY, FAME OR STATUS CAN NEVER BUY LOVE OR TRUTH; there is a price2 pay 4everything in life, IN EVERY STRATA OF EXISTENCE, PERSONAL OR PROFESSIONAL TAKE THIS TRUTH FROM ME 2B AN ALL PERVADING REALITY.
Though I never chased fame or knocked on any doors, 2 build a career, still, I suffered severe blows on account of colleagues & peers, (a blessing n disguise maybe) this lead me 2 THINK DEEPLY rather than retaliate. I did myself a BIG favour by THINKING about all dat was happening around me, objectively, 2 introspect, self analyze about my own personal values& ethics, REJECTING OUTRIGHT WAT CUD NEVR WORK 4 ME& searched 4 my OWN faults(still am) I feel blessed 2 have NOT been enslaved by fame & d desperation& intoxication2 remain famous. LIVING WITH MYSELF SEEMED 2 B D ULTIMATE PRIORITY &COMMITTING MYSELF 2 HELPING HUMANITY DISCOVER THIS NEED 2 DO D SAME IS MY PURPOSE N LIFE. Living a LIFE with poor values, and no humanity, is an invitation for GREAT UPHEALVELS, ILLNESSES, STRESS, INSANITY, SELF/OTHER’S DISTRUCTION.I was fortunate n being able2 pay d price 4 choosing d right way, 2 stand up 4 d right thing &b willing 2 b counted. I had the courage to ‘walk away’ from d artificial life& instead use my name& fame 2wards d cause of humanity, unity& peace, a cause which means d world 2 me; a cause which allows me 2 serve d higher life purpose I was ordained 2 n this LIFE. My voice, my poetry, my music and my scripts r all creatively & most appealingly utilized 2wards this cause.
Material cares& narrow ideas of existence, r extremely limiting, which inevitably misguide, & deceive us, hijacking precious opportunities of coming n2 d knowing of our true positive& most powerful potential. This has nothing 2 do wit body AGE but ALL 2 do wit SOUL MATURITY, so don’t keep putting off d chance of getting 2 ‘know’ oneself, we know we r this body.. but WHO IS IN this body, WHY is someone existing in this body, WHERE is this ‘being’ in this body heading 2 r questions we MUST ask ourselves AT ANY AGE, ANY TIME OR ALL THE TIME.
So folks, join d mission of peace & non violence , join hearts, heads, & souls wit d intent 2 collectively raise good vibrations on earth as a ‘together force, 2wards REAL human expansion , 2wards making a difference. Each of us, MUST matter & serve 2 stimulate global unity, peace, humanity, compassion & self realization. This is d only way to peace for all mankind. If we don’t feel & think good 4 /2wards others regardless of faith, nationality, colour or gender & don’t SHOW compassion& humanity 2wards fellow beings PRACTICE, not mere words, we r NOT part of d SOLUTION, we become part of d PROBLEM, just by not practicing humanity, love & unity , WE BECOME PART OF THE ANTI HUMANITY & ANTI PEACE ideology &so unwittingly strengthen d EVIL design of d DARK MATRIX.THINK DEEPLYBEFORE EEVRY ACTION IS UNDERTAKEN.RESIST ALL ACTIONS DAT BRINGS HURT UPON OTHERS, BE IT FAMILY,RELATIVES, FRIENDS, D COMMUNITY & OF COURSE ONE’S COUNTRY &OTHER COUNTRIES AS WELL.THINK OF EARTH AS ONE COUNTRY.. EVERY HURT WE CAUSE UPON OTHERS OR OTHER COUNTRIES, UNFAILINGLY WILL AND MUST BOOMERANGUPON US. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND, SO WE MUST BE CAREFUL OF WHAT WE DISH OUT FOR OTHERS, WE MUST OFFER STIMULATE ONLY WHAT WE WOULD LIKE FOR OURSELVES: LOVE, HUMANITY, UNITY, PEACE, PROSPERITY, HAPPINESS, SUPPORT, CARE & A HOST OF POSITIVE FEELINGS 2WARDS D UNIVERSE.
Thanks 4 taking d time4 giving me yr kind attention….If ANY of what I chose 2 share wit u, may b of some inspiration or b of /any use 2 any1 out there, I shall consider my life worth living.
Love happiness 2 u all.
Parvati.and Helmut Khan Singh